My name is Sarah and I really enjoy making things. Though graphic design in general is loads of fun, typography is definitely my favorite. I grew up with a calligrapher in one house and a cartographer turned commercial artist in the other, so I had a bit of a taste for the stuff early on.

I've been using Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Photoshop, for several years and have enjoyed some hand coding with HTML and CSS as well as some various more advanced coding (things like parallax scrolling with jquery), and have a pretty decent sense of type and design. ;)

Freelance work has included a wide variety of clients from shipping and publishing companies to local hospitals and sports teams with projects such as advertisements, booklets, handouts, rack-cards, logos, copywriting and editing, website development, social media upkeep, and large scale maps.

If there's anything you're wondering about, just ask.

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